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Welcome to the registration portal of the 21st edition of the Bouwkunde Bedrijvendagen

Use the orange menu at the top to navigate through the portal.
1a. Company - Login using the "bedrijfslogin" button and fill in your inlog credentials provided via the email
1b. Student - Login using the "TU/e student login" button by using your TU/e login account
2. See the tab "informatie" to see an overview of all packages offered. These are similar to the brochure.
3. See the tab "inschrijven" to subscribe for the event. Here additional data of you and your company are requested. By saving the information, you automatically receive a confirmation of the packages you subscribed to.
4. Please wait for your subscription to be approved. Be aware that there are three options: you are approved for all packages you subscribed to, you are approved for a selection of the packages you subscribed to or you are not selected for any of the packages you subscribed to.